Pastor Ron Duty

6 Washington St., Alexandria KY 41001

College & Career

We are a community of young adults—people whose lives are marked by our passion for community, connection, responsibility, and depth.

Let's face it. Kiddie pools are for kids. We're looking to dive in, head first, to all the hard-to-talk-about topics, the tough questions, and heavy Scriptures. That's why we value depth so much. We think this is a good thing, because we're in process. We're becoming. And who we're becoming isn't shallow.

Community is also important to us. We believe we need each other. People we call when the tire's flat and people we call when we get the promotion. And it's these people—the day-in, day-out people—we want to walk through life with.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Each one matters. Recycle. Buy fair trade. Sponsor a child. Respect my elders. Tithe. Love our neighbors. Darfur. The thing is, we know it's all important. That's why we're committed to the whole responsibility thing—and to grow in our understanding of what that means.

Then there's Connection. A connection with our church, a connection with somebody who's willing to walk alongside us and give us a little advice here and there. We'd like a connection that gives us the opportunity to have someone pour their lives into us—and that whole walk alongside us thing? We're willing to do that for someone else, too.